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About Jien Tsun

Jien Tsun Machinery Industrial Co,. Ltd is the world's leading manufacturer of production lines and related technologies for all kinds of rims and is based in Taiwan (R.O.C).
Primarily focused on motorbikes, motorcycles and bicycles manufacturing industries across
the globe company provide customized solutions to its customers for producing quality rims.

Established in 1988 with a covered area of 2700m2, we have since been making production lines for motorcycle and bicycle steel and aluminum rims by constantly incorporating latest concepts. We are endlessly innovating with strong R&D to provide our customers with best quality, high efficiency, enhanced productivity and great precision production lines.
The presence of customers all across the world like Europe, Middle East, South and North America, America, Mainland China, South-East Asia bears testimony to our commitment to our customers. Principal products include metal plate roll-forming machines, forming machines, rounding machines, cutting machines, seam welding machines, flash butt welding machines, grinding machines, trimming machines, pin-inserting machines, polishing machines, punching machines, drilling machines, edge-turning machines, packing machines etc. We have state of
the art machinery and infrastructure to assist our research and development team design, plan, and manufacture and assemble rims production lines.
Besides we also provide seam welding machines and spot welding machines for all kind of applications. To provide our best services always to fulfill our customers' needs is our first priority.