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Trade show

TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall 4F
10/31-11/03, 2018
BOOTH NO.: 4F N0013
New Products

Automatic Rounding, Cutting, Pin-Inserting M/C

●Auto strips feeder x 1 set
●Auto marking device x 1 set (Optional)
● Rounding machine x 1 set: Rollers adjusted by servo, rollers position memorized.
●Cutting machine x 1 set: Three rims cut at one time, cutting motor: 3HP, hydraulic motor: 1HP
●Pin-offering device x 1 set: Three rims at one time
●Pin-inserting machine x 1 set: One rim at one time, hydraulic motor: 3HP
●Rim collector x 1 set
●Can be connected to punching or drilling machine
●Operated by one man  (manpower saved.)
●CE certificated (Optional: Standard one)
●Including HMI, easy to operate and remove alarm
●Capacity: 6 pcs/ min


  Bicycle Aluminum Rim Welding Machine

- Current Adjustment: 1%~99%
- Cooling: By water
- Hydraulic Unit: Made in Taiwan which will make welding process much more stable
- PLC: Shilin
- HMI included (For adjusting the machine more precise)
- Structure of machine is dust or chips proof.
- Equipped with cooling circulation system; water cooling pipe is installed at welding set which can cool down the temperature of welding set for maintaining welding quality.
- Including LED and fan to cool down the temperature of transformer.

  Bicycle Rim Joint NC Burs Removing Machine

- Controller is made in Taiwan
- Customized number of axles and tools are available.
- No need to change molds (save the cost)
- Easy adjustment of clamping molds

  Dual Sides Seam Welding Machine

- Save the space in factory
- Save up to 50% energy costs
- High capacity of production
- Refine the design of seam welding axles